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  • Misogyny and Magic with Sarah Hopkins of “Principles of Magic”

    Misogyny and Magic with Sarah Hopkins of “Principles of Magic”

    Sarah Hopkins of “Principles of Magic” chats about inspiration, style and making webcomics.

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  • The Disasters #1

    The Disasters #1

    The Disasters #1 blends wrestling, Silver-Age villain gimmicks and plenty of fun high spots in this engaging first issue.

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  • “Raise Hell!” #1

    “Raise Hell!” #1

    “Raise Hell!” delights with punk kid antics, demonic malaise and total commitment to the bit.

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  • VIDEO: Ghost Gauntlet

    VIDEO: Ghost Gauntlet

    “Ghost Gauntlet” is a fun, fast-paced short featuring Shay, whose recent car crash lands her in a particularly nasty kind of limbo.

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  • Apocalypse Kinda #1

    Apocalypse Kinda #1

    “Apocalypse Kinda” #1 builds sympathy and unease with its slanted, small-town feel.

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  • Waste and Wisdom with Drew Morrison of “Brokenland”

    Waste and Wisdom with Drew Morrison of “Brokenland”

    “Brokenland” #2 features the erstwhile, blob-like Meeso in a strange dreamworld. We interrogate waste, learn a few things about Meeso’s character and take a not-so-nice journey through our small protagonist’s psyche in a very engaging second issue.  I recently chatted with Drew Morrison about the origins of this strange little creature, as well as creative…

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  • A is for Autocrat

    A is for Autocrat

    “A is for Autocrat” is an illustrated alphabet for our current times. Done in the style of a children’s book and designed to be as direct as possible, this illustrated journey through the past four years of this administration is edifying, imaginative and strangely comforting. Warning: spoilers ahead. Story & Art: D. B. DowdGraphic Design:…

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  • “Transcription”

    “Transcription” documents one woman’s transition and sexual exploration in sophisticated, tender and hot detail.

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  • “Disorder” 1/3

    “Disorder” examines the pupating, cyclical nature of pain, transmutation and horror in impressive detail.

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  • “Liminal State”

    “Liminal State”

    “Liminal State” walks us through grief, birth and perilous simultaneity.

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