About Me

Christa has a B.A. in English Literature and a MFA in Creative Writing. Their bylines include PanelxPanelMultiversity Comics, Comic Book Yeti, Comfort Food Comics, The Valkyries and Outright Geekery. They blog about horror films, comics and pulp lit in their spare time. They’re also available for podcast appearances.

Christa edits indie comic scripts, refines pitches and provides other editorial services. Contact knowledgeablecabbage@gmail.com with info on your project needs for rates and availability.

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Creative Work

“Hymn,” Christa Harader & Kayla Felty – self-published, forthcoming. Script available upon request

“Leaves,” Christa Harader & Katie Hicks – forthcoming in The Color of Always anthology. Script available upon request.

“If I Can’t Be Me, I Don’t Want to be Anybody Else,” Christa Harader & Yaster Goodman – forthcoming in the Femme Fatale anthology, Dren Productions. Script available upon request.