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  • Blog: Editing is not “too expensive”

    Blog: Editing is not “too expensive”

    Editing is not too expensive, folks, and it’s time we break down why.

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  • When All Signs Point to “Danger!”

    When All Signs Point to “Danger!”

    I am a problem-solver, and that never ever causes problems in and of itself. Right? Right. Uh.

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  • Blog: It’s 2022, Horror Dump, Etc.

    Blog: It’s 2022, Horror Dump, Etc.

    On resolutions, rituals and good ’80s horror.

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  • On Fortitude

    On Fortitude

    I have a ton of movies to talk about soon (Slumber Party Massacre I & II, Society, Mother’s Day, etc.) but I’d rather open this season of thanks with some reflection. Stop complaining. I love to fucking complain. About everything, all the time, to anyone who will listen. I complained at least three times already…

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  • Blog: On Validation

    Blog: On Validation

    On the difference between making comics and being a comics creator, and how the second will drive you to distraction.

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  • Blog: Frustration

    Blog: Frustration

    On carelessness, identifying enemies, and art’s role in our lives.

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  • Blog: Work Woes, Le Guin & Wolfenstein

    Blog: Work Woes, Le Guin & Wolfenstein

    Work woes, Le Guin and Wolfenstein as a cultural touchstone, and prescient warning.

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  • Blog: Quiet

    Blog: Quiet

    Musings on talking, self-traumatizing and mental health stuff.

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  • Blog: Social Media Musings

    Blog: Social Media Musings

    What, two blogs in two days? Surely you jest. No headings in this one, just pure, uncut facts! I use social media in a variety of ways, and for very different purposes. At my day job, it’s a drill-down numbers game. What’s our ratio, when do we post, who do we boost, what affinity partnerships…

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  • Blog: Brain Notes

    Blog: Brain Notes

    Idle musings on gender trouble and self-image.

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