I work with writers and creative teams at all levels, from single-issue script edits to multi-issue or graphic novel project management. I can guide creators through a nascent idea to a concrete story structure, work out mid-project structural snags or refinements, and provide high-level finishing edits close to the finish line. My goal is to help you make your story the best it can possibly be, so we’ll always lead with inquiry and encouragement.

Interested? Email knowledgeablecabbage@gmail.com to discuss your project.

Rates & Offerings

I charge $50/hr for the following services:

  • Detailed, in-line script edits and written summary including high-level strengths and areas to improve – 1-1.5 hrs per 22-page issue
  • Zoom/phone work sessions, including breaking story and collaborative script editing – 1.5 hr/session min
  • Dialogue workshops, including live reads and collaborative edits – 1.5 hr/session min
  • Pitch refinement and editing
  • Comics marketing tips, tricks and things to avoid
  • Copyediting

Pro Bono Monthlies

Every month, I offer two one-hour slots free of charge to two separate creators. These can be either written pitch/story review, or script edits. I will announce these slots on Twitter each month, so stay tuned! BIPOC/LGBTQ+ creators to the front.

Recent & Ongoing Projects:

Peace of Mind, Issue #3 (Script Edits)
“Apocrypha” #1 & Discordia (Ongoing Script Edits)
“Hans Trapp” short in Yule: Dreadful Tales for the Holiday Season (Script Edits) – @grantandstuff, coming to Kickstarter in April
Unpublished miniseries (Editor/Story Consultant) – @leekassen
Unpublished horror GN (Editor) – @eddieklink