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  • Chasin’ the Bird: Charlie Parker in California

    Chasin’ the Bird: Charlie Parker in California

    “Chasin’ the Bird” explores Charlie Parker’s time in Los Angeles through the eyes of the people who knew – or didn’t know – him best.

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  • Waste and Wisdom with Drew Morrison of “Brokenland”

    Waste and Wisdom with Drew Morrison of “Brokenland”

    “Brokenland” #2 features the erstwhile, blob-like Meeso in a strange dreamworld. We interrogate waste, learn a few things about Meeso’s character and take a not-so-nice journey through our small protagonist’s psyche in a very engaging second issue.  I recently chatted with Drew Morrison about the origins of this strange little creature, as well as creative…

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  • A is for Autocrat

    A is for Autocrat

    “A is for Autocrat” is an illustrated alphabet for our current times. Done in the style of a children’s book and designed to be as direct as possible, this illustrated journey through the past four years of this administration is edifying, imaginative and strangely comforting. Warning: spoilers ahead. Story & Art: D. B. DowdGraphic Design:…

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  • “Transcription”

    “Transcription” documents one woman’s transition and sexual exploration in sophisticated, tender and hot detail.

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  • “Disorder” 1/3

    “Disorder” examines the pupating, cyclical nature of pain, transmutation and horror in impressive detail.

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  • “Liminal State”

    “Liminal State”

    “Liminal State” walks us through grief, birth and perilous simultaneity.

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  • “Dry Foot” #1

    “Dry Foot” #1

    “Dry Foot” #1 entertains with character-building, a compelling villain and authentic youth drama.

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  • “Brokenland” #2

    “Brokenland” #2

    “Brokenland” #2 continues Meeso’s strange eco-fraught adventures with some trippy, touching fun.

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  • “The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast” #2

    “The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast” #2

    “The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast” #2 delivers good imagination, creativity and intricate detail.

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  • “Muscle Faction” #0

    “Muscle Faction” #0

    “Muscle Faction” #0 combines parody with incisive critique, zany art and, oh yeah, a lot of punching in the name of justice.

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