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  • Blog: Editing is not “too expensive”

    Blog: Editing is not “too expensive”

    Editing is not too expensive, folks, and it’s time we break down why.

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  • On Fortitude

    On Fortitude

    I have a ton of movies to talk about soon (Slumber Party Massacre I & II, Society, Mother’s Day, etc.) but I’d rather open this season of thanks with some reflection. Stop complaining. I love to fucking complain. About everything, all the time, to anyone who will listen. I complained at least three times already…

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  • Misogyny and Magic with Sarah Hopkins of “Principles of Magic”

    Misogyny and Magic with Sarah Hopkins of “Principles of Magic”

    Sarah Hopkins of “Principles of Magic” chats about inspiration, style and making webcomics.

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  • Blog: On Validation

    Blog: On Validation

    On the difference between making comics and being a comics creator, and how the second will drive you to distraction.

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  • Blog: Quiet

    Blog: Quiet

    Musings on talking, self-traumatizing and mental health stuff.

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  • Blog: Social Media Musings

    Blog: Social Media Musings

    What, two blogs in two days? Surely you jest. No headings in this one, just pure, uncut facts! I use social media in a variety of ways, and for very different purposes. At my day job, it’s a drill-down numbers game. What’s our ratio, when do we post, who do we boost, what affinity partnerships…

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  • VIDEO: Ghost Gauntlet

    VIDEO: Ghost Gauntlet

    “Ghost Gauntlet” is a fun, fast-paced short featuring Shay, whose recent car crash lands her in a particularly nasty kind of limbo.

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  • Apocalypse Kinda #1

    Apocalypse Kinda #1

    “Apocalypse Kinda” #1 builds sympathy and unease with its slanted, small-town feel.

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  • Ghoster, Vol. 1

    Ghoster, Vol. 1

    “Ghoster” draws us in with good Gothic horror, a balanced aesthetic and enough intrigue to satisfy in a first issue.

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  • The Boy With Nails for Eyes

    The Boy With Nails for Eyes

    “The Boy With Nails for Eyes” combines a melancholy, poetic story with unique, well-crafted art.

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