Four villains of varying backgrounds accidentally murder a superhero and … go out to dinner afterwards?
Raise Hell! #1 Featured
Three teens visit a mall to learn how to summon a demon. It goes about as well as we’d expect.
Lucas Lewis is walking cross-country to meet his dad. Too bad he stopped in Atlantis County.
Ghoster Vol. 1 Featured
Two young men must battle the supernatural and claim a dark legacy.
Apocalypse Kinda #1 Featured
A young boy trying to save his beloved cat stumbles across a strange effect from an equally strange portal …
Action Tank Featured
A boy’s lost in space and late for dinner. Beauty unfolds.
The Boy With Nails for Eyes Featured
A young boy obsesses over potential love with a war on the horizon.
Chasin' the Bird Featured
Charlie Parker’s life and L.A. story, expertly rendered in graphic detail.
Henry Henry’s back and in some trouble. As are we all.
A study in design, politics and catharsis for our current moment.
Transcription Featured
A lovely autobiographical series of strips documenting sexual exploration and transition.
Disorder #1 Featured
Disorder examines a cycle of pain, suffering and transformation in vivid, exceptional detail.
Liminal State Featured
Photinakis explores grief and birth in this powerful short comic.
Four friends plan a heist for the ages in this heartfelt first issue.
Meeso’s back, and things are about to get even weirder.
The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast #2 Featured
Lark Leraar runs an arcane bar, and it’s just as weird and wondrous as you’d think.
Detective Harper Halloway must solve a supernatural mystery before her society implodes.
Hawk and Dutch are back from cryo-storage to kick some unjust ass!
God Puncher #5 Featured
Tim Finnly’s on the run and in deep #@$!
Gryffen #9 Featured
Our penultimate jaw-crackin’, goof-ballin’ sexy space romp with Lyla Gryffen & crew.
White Ash #1 Featured
A small New England coal-mining town has a big mystery on its hands.
Ella Upgraded #1 Featured
A fun and heartfelt superhero origin story.
Defiling the Literati Featured
A competent and compelling collection of short comics.
Rex Radley: Boy Adventurer #1 Featured
Rex Radley balances underwater antics with kaiju battles and tech trawls in this fun indie.
Hush Ronin #1 Featured
A charismatic ronin with a silver tongue gets in a bit over his head in this entertaining indie.
Broken Bear Featured
Selm’s power grab doesn’t go as planned in this entertaining take on sword and sorcery.
These Savage Shores #5 Featured
A fantastic conclusion to an epic, gorgeous horror miniseries.
Clovis GN Featured
A walk back in time featuring beautiful art and a lovely story.
Dreamers of the Day Featured
A graphic memoir of Barnett’s journey to Oxford to chronicle T.E. Lawrence’s life.
The Space Heists of Vyvy & Qwerty Featured
Some family reunions don’t quite end up the way you’d expect.
Going to the Chapel #1 Featured
Love really doesn’t conquer all, does it?
What a Crock! Featured
Sometimes the small frustrations can be just as fun to document as the large ones.
Wolverton #2 Featured
Heists, skullduggery, swashbuckling and oodles of pulp goodness galore!
Spartan Holiday Featured
Musings on design, illustration and travel in an enjoyable package.
Justice League Dark Annual Feature
A delightful dredge of the Swamp Thing, a new guardian and an old foe.
Test #2 Feature
“Test” #2 immerses us in a dance with narrative overwhelm and tech weirdness.
“Stroper” is a visually sophisticated space adventure with a retro twist.
“Road of Bones” #3 continues a good, grim and very gory jaunt into Russian horror.

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